At FitnessXO, experienced staff give you the best possible opportunity for effective results.  With sessions conducted in tried and tested manners but with enjoyment not forgotten, our trainers have a large number of happy clients behind them.  

We have asked some to provide their honest feedback and hope to have you doing the same shortly, showing off your amazing results...
Nicky Whelan - Actress
"Jimmy, was my PT over a couple years in LA. I loved his sessions.... wish he didn't leave !" 

Nicky Whelan - Actress

Kate Jenkinson - Actress

"I fell in love with Jimmy's workouts when I was in LA. And I'm thrilled I can train with him at XO in Melbourne. He is motivational and enthusiastic. He makes me excited to work out!"

Kate Jenkinson - Actress

 I Love giving myself a little XO in the off season. 

Max Gawn - AFL Footballer

Stephanie McIntosh - Actress
I loved training with Jimmy in LA. Tough, but fun. I miss him. Cant wait to visit XO. 

Steph McIntosh - Actress

First in LA and now in Melbourne. Pumped you opened XO up here. Terrific!

Bernard Curry - Actor