HIIT Training Class

High Intensity Interval Training. 

The best way to develop lean muscle and burn fat. This involves repeat efforts at a high intensity (generally less than one minute), followed by an active rest or complete rest period. 

These classes at XO involve circuits of work rest intervals that vary in structure and duration so the body doesn't get too comfortable with the work rest ratios. This will maximise effort and lead to greater results. 

Each individual exercise performed at a short high intensity would be considered an anaerobic exercise, however coupled with repeat efforts of varying or repeat exercises would be considered as aerobic activity. 

Coupling short bursts of exercises at a high intensity with short rest periods will lead to cardiovascular and muscular development. 

 An example of this would be: 
  • 40 seconds of Push Ups followed by 20 seconds of rest, followed by
  • 40 seconds of lunges with a 20 second rest, followed by
  • 40 seconds of running at a fast pace with a 20 walking recovery.